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Happy Sunday! Today’s post is all about implementing healthy habits in order to have the most productive week possible. With spring coming up, a lot of people are starting to think about doing some spring cleaning and organizing. Now is the perfect time to do it – winter is basically over and it’s easier to get outside and donate old clothes you don’t want anymore, or take things to the recycling center in your area! It’s also nice to have your house be super organized and tidy going into the warmer months (or any time of the year) since warm weather is the time to be happy and excited about life, and ready to make big things happen! I’m working on getting things neat and organized in my own apartment as well! Just keep reading for my best tips on the best healthy habits to implement for a more productive week this week:   1. Deep Clean Your Space As the week progresses and you come home from work each day, things tend to get messier around the house/apartment. So every Sunday, give your space a really intense clean! I like to scrub the kitchen counters and sink, clean my bathroom, vacuum all of the carpeting, wash the floors, and do some organizing and clutter clearing if I have the time. When your home is really clean and organized, you’ll feel much more at peace and relaxed.   2. Meal Plan For The Week Meal planning is such a great way to save yourself time during the week! There are tons of meal planning ideas on the internet, so find a couple recipes that sound good to you and then make a big enough serving for the next 4-5 days. If you have meals that are sitting in your freezer and ready to be microwaved and eaten, you won’t be as tempted to eat meals out, so this will also help you save money! Check out my What I Eat In A Day As A Vegan post for some meal ideas and inspiration!   3. Clean Up Your Inbox Over time, our email addresses are collected by so many brands and marketers. Even when you shop online you can sometimes get signed up for newsletters you don’t want. Take 10-15 minutes to clear out your email inbox, and delete and unsubscribe from any spam you’re not interested in. Reducing the number of junk emails you get will reduce your stress and free up a little extra space in your mind for more important things!   4. Do Your Laundry I always try to coordinate things and make Sunday my big laundry day. It’s great to go into a new week with a fresh start, and one of the best ways to do this is to have all of your clothes be fresh and clean for the new week ahead. There’s something so annoying about getting ready on a Monday morning and not being able to find a clean pair of socks! So wash and put away all your clothes in their proper place to set yourself up for an organized and productive week.   5. Make Your Weekly To-Do List Take the time to sit down on a Sunday and think about all of the things you need to accomplish this week. Whether it’s tax related stuff, grocery shopping, exercise goals, or whatever it is, write it all down in the form of a to do list. Then, prioritize the three most important things that you absolutely need to get done so that you have them written down right in front of you. This way you’ll be able to constantly remind yourself of the things that are high priority and hopefully get them done!   6. Plan Your Outfits At least for the first day or two of the week! Why? Because you will be setting yourself up to have a great Monday morning by not having to stress out about what to wear! When you have your outfit already sitting there waiting for you when you wake up, that’s one less decision to make when you might already be in a rush on a Monday morning.   7. Do Some Stretching Most of us work in offices doing computer related work, and this puts so much strain on the neck and back. Allot about 20 minutes for some stretching and you’ll feel so rejuvenated. There are tons of good videos on YouTube that will show you great stretches to do to work out the tension!   8. Take Some Time For Yourself Take an hour to yourself on a Sunday evening just to do something that fulfills you! For you that might be listening to an inspiring podcast, reading a book and leaving your phone turned off, or watching an episode of your favorite show! Whatever it is, make it something that you do alone. We all need quiet time to relax and recharge – alone time helps us get us energized and ready for the week ahead.   9. Listen To Music Listening to a few of your favorite songs will get you excited and pumped up to have a great week! It’s also the perfect way to get yourself moving a little bit if you feel like having a solo dance party 🙂 Related Posts Cozy Self Care Ideas Girl Boss Healthy Morning Routine How To Not Get Sick + Tips On How To Glow Up Thank you for checking out my tips on healthy habits to implement for a productive week! What are your best tips for having a great week? Let me know in the comments section, and if you liked this post you can always share it on Pinterest! 🙂


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    love this soo isparational😍but im pretty much sure its spelled litteraly??🤔🤔🤔

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    Do what makes God happy 😊

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    Ehh... not a good quote. What if what makes someone happy is being a bad person?

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    Except drugs. Don’t do drugs kids

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    What makes me happy is not going to school but then the policw would knock at my door

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    nope, do what makes you holy and God happy!!!

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    Think of it as a bright quote

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